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Massage in Whittier

Sacred Space is a private massage studio located in Uptown Whittier, who's focus is on educating it's clients on how stress effects the body, as wells as, providing a safe space for clients to explore and strategize their self-care routines. 

Restorative Relaxation, Stress Relief & Pain Management

Whether you're looking for quick focus work or  luxurious relaxation we have the service for you. 

We offer group classes that combine massage, gentle stretch and meditation that promote relaxation, mindfulness and community. 

No need to feel stuck without a self-care routine or with one you don't like. We offer self-massage classes & self-care coaching.

Ann Savala, CMT

Ann Savala is a certified massage therapist, self-care mentor and Yomassage practitioner located in Uptown Whittier, CA. She discovered her passion for self-care and massage while managing a psychological office. She whole heartedly believes that we can't breathe, if we don't learn to put our oxygen mask on first, and is making it her mission to promote self-care, reduce stress and increase relaxation one massage at a time.

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