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Are "good vibes" hurting you?

Are you filling your cup with toxic positivity and negative emotions?

Or are you filling it up with mindful practices, positive thinking and negative thinking?

What is Toxic Positivity?

Toxic Positivity is the act of avoiding, suppressing or rejecting negative feelings that arise when we’re experiencing a bad situation or are under stress. It invalidates authentic emotional experiences.

“It could be worse.” Of course it could, but that doesn’t negate the badness of a situation and you are allowed to feel upset, mad or sad for as long as you need to process these emotions and the situation.

What are Negative Emotions?

Negative Emotions are emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, guilt and sadness. Negative emotions are important, because they can be used as a warning and a sign that something

needs to be addressed and worked through. Holding onto negative emotions can lead to a downward spiral of prolonged grief and anger and prevent us from enjoying life.

Poorly managed negative emotions can create chronic stress and lead to other health issues.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is learning and practicing to accept the present moment as it is without passing judgment or applying any labels. Implementing a mindfulness practice steadies the mind, eases stress and soothes the body.

Practicing mindfulness allows us to disconnect from distractions and reconnect with ourselves, as well as with others.

What is Positive Thinking?

Positive Thinking means you approach unpleasantness and discomfort in a more optimistic and productive way. Positive Thinking cultivates positive emotions like gratitude, kindness and love, and promotes an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. Applying positive thinking in your daily routine helps promote greater feelings of happiness and overall satisfaction in life.

Positive thinking allows us to be empathetic, compassionate, open minded and supportive.

What is Negative Thinking?

Negative Thinking nurtures critical thinking and problem solving, encourages you to scrutinize and strategize and motivates you to make changes. It is the ability to evaluate and comprehend that certain people, ideas, places and things can harbor a negative impact on our wellbeing and that we need to proceed thoughtfully and/or with caution.

Without negative thinking we might stay in undesirable situations when we are needing a change.

What you fill your cup with matters.

We pour from our cup until it's empty because we’re filling the cups of those we care for. But we’re not actually helping anyone if we’re pouring toxic positivity and negative emotions all over our loved ones. What we fill our cup with matters.

Fill your cup until it’s over flowing and allow that to flow into the cups of those around you like a beautiful cascade of the world’s most expensive and decadent champagne.

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