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Full Moon Self-care

Having a steady self-care routine feels empowering, but there's something special about

repeating self-care actions aligned with the steady rhythm of the universe. Using the moon's phases as a natural recurring cue for your self-care actions can help create a natural flow in your wellness routine.

Most of us are familiar with the Full Moon phase, where the moon is visible as a fully illuminated disk, so let's focus on what self-care actions we can take when the moon is in its fullest phase.

🌕Reassess your self-care goals.

This is the perfect time to do a brain dump. Dump all your goals onto a sheet of paper and organize them into wellness categories: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental, Occupational, Social, and Intellectual. Make note of what self-care actions will help you take the steps you need to reach these goals.

🌕Reassess your current self-care actions.

How well did your self-care actions, or lack of, serve you for the last 30 days? Be honest with yourself. Are the actions you're taking leading you to your goals? Are the actions you’re taking really acts of self-care or are they acts of self indulgence?

🌕Plan It.

Now that you’ve done ALL of the reassessing and have it laid out in writing in front of you. Which self-care actions will you need for the upcoming month? How, when and where will you be implementing these actions? Write it on the calendar or in your planner and set an alarm as a reminder.

🌕Let that shit go!

Which self-care actions are just not assisting you with navigating your day and need to be released? Your assessment should have also revealed actions that are no longer serving you or helping you reach your goals. Let that shit go!

The full moon is also a good time to unsubscribe and unfollow. Let your inbox and newsfeed be filled with things that inspire, educate and entertain you. If it hasn’t done that in the last month then maybe it’s time to hit that unsubscribe/unfollow button.

Not quite sure where to start with assessing your self-care? Take this self-care assessment.

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