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May: Women’s Healthcare Month

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A woman’s body is not something of mystery or disgust. Our bodies create life and can create food to nurture and sustain that life. Our physical and mental health takes a toll bringing that life into this world, but it doesn’t stop. We then continue to take care of that life as well as all the lives around us.

We celebrate all types of moms in May: Bio-moms, Stepmoms, Fur-moms, Acting-moms, Rookie moms, Veteran moms, and Bereavement moms, and when we look in the mirror, we probably see our own mom’s reflection. But you don’t have to be a mom to put your mind and body through trials and tribulations in order to get shit done. As women we just naturally answer the call and do what needs to be done, even if it means not putting our wellness as a priority.

That’s why it’s important to use this month to put yourself first and set systems into place to ensure you’re not just taking care of your needs, but understanding what those needs are.

  • Schedule your well-woman visits and preventive screenings.

  • Schedule your dental visit.

  • Schedule a session with a mental health professional.

  • Get active.

  • Assess your eating habits.

  • Reevaluate your nighttime routine to ensure you’re getting enough sleep.

  • Put practices into place to help manage stress.

  • Be a safer driver.

  • Practice safe sex.

Over the years I have met so many women, young and old, that do not know how their body works. Education is power. There are so many useful websites, YouTube videos, and social media posts out there to help shed light on things that you probably were not taught in school.

One good resource to start with is this list from the CDC This list indicates different health observances related to women’s health that are observed throughout the year and direct you to useful articles.

Knowledge is power and it empowers us to make informed decisions for our wellness.

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